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Saju Hari discusses Kin, a National Theatre production by Gecko Theatre

Kin is a National Theatre production by Gecko Theatre which talks about migration. Migration is always relevant to human beings and it is in discussion so much these days, especially in the UK.

Borders are being redrawn constantly as a result of war and natural disasters. This causes people to move for safety and to find a better life. Those journeys can be deadly, as we know. Kin explores the journeys of two families who ‘live on the edge’ and constantly seek opportunities to make their lives better.

What makes Kin relevant to me is the fact that I am a migrant too. I moved from India to England.

In fact, all the cast members of Kin have an immigration story to tell. We talked about and explored in the studio what origin meant to us, what led us to leave our homelands and how the leaving felt. Our stories formed the backbone of the piece.

We also discussed DNA tests in relation to our origins. When one does a DNA test, you receive a list of regions where you might potentially be from. Considering this, a person is an amalgamation of all that history. Characters in Kin reflect this aspect in the way that they are not easily identifiable to a specific land or region.

I will constantly ponder my part in Kin - as a deviser and a performer - as it is one of the deepest processes that I have ever gone through as an artist.

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Photos courtesy of Mark Sepple Photography.


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