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A month at the National Theatre with Kin - a dream come true!

2024 started with a bang for me. In January, I performed in Gecko Theatre's Kin at the UK's National Theatre for almost the whole month! A career highlight...

As devisers and performers, we were all very excited! We had been looking forward to performing at the National Theatre since we started the research and creation phase in October 2020!

Since then, we've had the pandemic, lockdown and the rest, but throughout this period we kept on working, making many versions of the show; then destroying it and remaking it. This is normal in the Gecko creative process.

We then premiered Kin at Home in Manchester in September 2022 - which kicked off the UK tour that concluded with our run at the National Theatre some 16 months later.

Being at the National Theatre was significant for me because as a dancer/ choreographer, it's not a venue that I would normally get to perform in. It's one of the most prestigious venues in the world where ‘giants’ have performed.

For Kin, almost every show was sold out! It was such a good feeling to come on stage and feel the energy of a full auditorium every single day!

We were very well looked after by the National Theatre - they are so well equipped to take care of any situation! It is also significant that nobody suffered any injuries.

I was very careful with my body and what I did during this important month. I did not waste any energy by staying around after the shows, and I didn't consume any alcohol. Normally I love to have a beer after the shows but I was in a meditative state for the whole month with full dedication to making the shows happen. We had several days with two shows, and they were tough.

Several friends and family members came to see the show and I felt proud to meet them afterwards and sometimes took people back stage to show them the stage, props and costumes - a process of unraveling the magic!

Kin is a multilingual performance and I speak my mother tongue Malayalam (from Kerala, India) in the show. A few times, I came across people who could speak Malayalam and I was overwhelmed by their reaction - sharing deep moments with them was special.

I am immensely thankful to the Gecko Theatre company, to all my fellow artists, the tech crew and everyone at the office for their dedication in making all this possible.

Here are some action photos from our rehearsals...

Photos by Malachy Luckie


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